GROW opportunities for international trainers

  • To develop the following abilities:

    • Public Speaking and communication skills by delivering 10 different education sessions in a non-formal way;

    • Session design skills by creating one educational session for teenagers

    • Problem solving and emotional intelligence skills by directly interacting with teenagers

    • Event management skills by organizing extra events for GROW teenagers

    • English level speaking and writing

    • Working in a diverse and multinational environment

    •  Teamwork skills by working within a team of international trainers

    •  Learn energizers and icebreakers

  • To discover the typologies of teenagers in Mexico and their way of working

  • To educate in a non-formal way teenagers in Mexico and learn from them

  • To discover personal training style during the session delivery

  • To participate at a 5-day international conference (iTTT) with senior trainers

  • To travel and discover Mexico


How to apply as a trainer

Step 1: Search for the AIESEC Website of your country. (ex: AIESEC in Brazil Website –

Step 2: Within the website, go to the section “Students”–> Global Volunteer.

Step 3: Fill in the Global Volunteer Registration form. If you have a comments space at the end, mention that you want to participate in GROW Project in Mexico. Afterwards, you might be redirected to the website:, where you can apply for GROW. If you are not redirected, contact an AIESEC member from your country. You can find contacts on the website.

Step 4: After you joined the, you can apply for GROW Mexico.

Step 5: You will have an interview with an AIESECer from the city where you chose to apply for.

Step 6: Wait 48 hours tops to get a response.

Step 7: If you have been accepted, see you in Mexico on the 5th of January 2018! The iTTT will take place between January 8th to January 13th 2017.