GROW is a youth development program that complements the formal education system. The project offers high school students the chance to explore their potential, be more self-confident and get ready for LIFE, both professionally and personally. 

GROW is based on the “Practice, Learn, Step Up” model: you learn through experiences, team activities and games and then you apply the new skills in some creative projects.




Through trainings, coaching activities, debate sessions, teams simulations, individual and group simulations, sharing and learning from the others.

GROW learning experiences are designed to strengthen the connection between participants and trainers, to deepen the impact curriculum, all of these based on unconventional education.

and be creative regarding your future, you will discover that knowing, by learning and practicing, gives you the chance to find the right path to the change you want to make.

Why join GROW?

  • You learn while having fun, in a nonformal, relaxing atmosphere.

  • You meet people from different countries, because GROW workshops are held by young trainers came from across the globe

  • The workshops are delivered in English, so you have the chance to practice this language by talking and interacting with the other participants and trainers.

  • You develop practical skills through exercises, games and other interactive activities, during some joyful and animated workshops.

  • At each edition, during 6 weeks, you participate at 10 useful workshops.

  • You make new friends and get involved in unique extra activities, movie nights, dancing and cooking classes, going out with the team etc.

  • GROW is a long term personal development program which accompanies you throughout high school. Once inside the GROWzav community, you will learn new things every year of high school, starting from 9th until in the 12th. At the end of the project, you will get to know the superhero that lies in you and be more self-confident.

From Romania to Mexico

GROW was created in 2010 by a passionate group of Romanian trainers from Scoala de Valori and AIESEC Romania. The project was brought to Mexico by Anna, a former trainer in GROW Romania, that now implements it helped by a devoted and enthusiastic team of volunteers.

What and how will you learn

A unique learning model, „Practice, Learn, Step Up” is the foundation of all GROW workshops. It combines active learning with reflexion and individual exercises with teamwork to create authentic teenagers with a stronger character and solid values.

The GROW project consists of 4 modules that complement high school education and transform teens into responsible and decisive adults.

Each module has over 30 hours of workshops delivered in English by trained internationals. We select motivated internationals that undergo an intense 5-day conference and deliver the trainings by the book. The international perspective is an unique aspect of GROW.